Cass in Session Thirty-One: Travel Plans'
Vital statistics
Title Cass
Gender Female
Species Human
Origin 0nemoresoul2thecall
Alignment Good
Alias Cass
Status Alive
Location Normalverse

Cass is the secondary protagonist in the Slender / ARG Series, 0nemoresoul2thecall.

Story Edit Edit

At the beginning of the series, Cass is the girlfriend of college-student, Sam, and the two live together. She helps Sam with her research on the Slender Man and goes to various places with her, such as Centralia and an abandoned mining tunnel. However, Alison, a friend helping them with the project, is mysteriously murdered, and the project is canceled.

Prior to Sam's possession, she is blamed to be responsible for it, the entity saying that Sam is dying due to him picking the wrong vessel. During an exorcism, the entity tricks Cass by leaving Sam's body and finally enters Cass's. A possessed Cass leaves Sam to go about his/her own evil deeds, which are still unclear.