Deadhead is a member of the Collective. He wears a hooded jacket as well as a skull mask, which was said to be a possession of his in life. He once followed Sebastian Kraus during the time of World War II and may now be following Karl Maxwell. According to the Observer, Deadhead became a part of the Collective before he did. The Observer described Deadhead as "the nationalist". He is represented by the ♞ (black knight) chess piece.

At the end of 'HAPPYBIRTHDAY', the words, "auf wiedersehen", or "Goodbye", appear in his mouth. Due to this as well as his presence during the era of Word War II and the Observer's description of him, it is possible that Deadhead was a Nazi.


  • Deadhead's name may come from the German word, "Totenkopf", or "death's head". The Totenkopf is symbolized by a skull and was used by the the Nazi SS and Luftwaffe, further connecting Deadhead with Nazi Germany.


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