Kat in Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2'
Vital statistics
Title Kat
Gender Female
Species Human
Origin TribeTwelve
Alignment Good
Alias Kat
Status Deceased
Location Normalverse

Kat is Sarah's friend, and was killed by Noah Maxwell during the events of Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2.

Story Edit

Her only two appearances are in the unrecorded Thanksgiving Livestream and the Thanksgiving Footage: Day 2. She was seen wearing a vest and goggles, the latter of which was worn by Noah during the Nature Trail Visit. 

In the Valentine's Day Livestream, Sarah calls Noah, accusing him of murdering Kat, due to him matching the description of the witnesses and the aforementioned goggles being in his possession. He denies it, saying he had classes during the time she would have been murdered. He later admits in Catharsis that he thinks he killed Kat when he was taken on Thanksgiving, and that he had no control over it.

Recently, it has been discovered that Firebrand is able to possess Noah, which may implicate that he may be her true killer.