Milo Asher
Milo in Submission 2'
Vital statistics
Title Milo
Gender Male
Species Human; Revenant
Origin TribeTwelve
Alignment Neutral
Alias Milo, Mr. Scars
Status Undead
Location The Collective's Dimension

Milo Asher is the tritagonist of the TribeTwelve ARG.

Story Edit

Milo Asher (1988-May 28, 2010) was Noah Maxwell's cousin and friend. He is described by Noah as a socially normal boy with deep personal problems that he did not want to discuss, which he had visited many psychologists about. According to Noah, he died of an alleged overdose of "a heavy mix of his sleeping pills and depression-anxiety medication" on May 28, 2010. This has been drawn into question numerous times, considering the Observer has mentioned many times that he somehow "helped" Milo commit suicide, as well as information in Milo's Tape suggesting that his mother was the killer. Also shown in Milo's Tape proves that Milo killed his mother. (Mary Asher)

Though hinted at throughout the series, he is 100% confirmed to be Mr. Scars in Milo's Tape.

Appearences/Mentions Edit

  • He is the main focus of Introduction - In Memory of Milo Asher, even though he doesn't appear at all in this video.
  • He appears in all The Submissions, where he acted very strange, and was holding the camera for around half of the time.
  • A few objects related to Milo are found in the box received during the Night Recording, including what could very well be his phone and a tape which was recorded while he stayed at Noah's house in 2008. A still image of him and the tall man is seen at the end of the tape show in the Box Analysis.
  • Various objects related to him are found in The Envelope, including the same image as seen at the end of Box Analysis, a picture from 1995 which shows Mary, Milo, and a "Dr. C." and a burnt copy of a typed report from Dr. C.
  • He appears in INTERRUPTION, some of said footage being from the Submissions, some of it being new.
  • He appears in HAPPYBIRTHDAY, which seems to be footage of when the newer of the 2 pictures in The Envelope was taken.
  • He appears in Milo's Tape, both in his last tape before his death, and as Mr. Scars. Based on the place in which it was recorded, and the way his hair was pulled back, the footage of him seen in this and the closeup footage seen of him in INTERRUPTION are the same.