Timothy Kliest
Tim in A Belated Ending'
Vital statistics
Title Tim
Gender Male
Species Human; Berserker
Origin MyDarkJournal
Alignment Good; Neutral
Alias Tim, Mr. Flip
Status Alive
Location Normalverse

Timothy Kliest, also known as Tim or Mr. Flip, is the main protagonist of the slender series, TheBoneCreekStory.

He is the arch-nemesis of the proxy known as Victor.

Story Edit

A long time ago, during the Nazi Party, two nazi officers killed a woman named Geneva, causing her husband to make a deal with the Slender Man. In exchange, Victor then must spend the rest of his life as a slave in order for Slender Man to take revenge against the officers, the Nazi Camp that imprisoned him, and bring Geneva back. Years later, a man named Tim, who is the son of the two officers responsable for Geneva's death, starts a youtube channel originally for jornalism purposes, however, Victor found his channel and began to disturb him, making Tim think that he was just a youtube troll. Videos later, Tim's best friend Robbie "Rob" is brutally killed and later turned into a proxy by both Victor and Geneva.

During the video RESURRECTION, Victor was finally killed only to be brought back to life by Geneva. In the last episode A Belated Ending, we see Tim with a robot-like behavior. Much later, a video is uploaded on Geneva's channel consisting of Tim wearing a strange mask, showing that Tim was converted into a proxy called Mr. Flip. Geneva describes Mr. Flip as a "shy boy who refuses to show his face."


Tim as Mr. Flip